Double Diner Laser Cut Designed

  • For Dog & Cat
  • 2 Pcs Standard Pet Feed Bowl


  • 1 Pt 2x/ 0.35 LTR.
  • 1 Qt 2x/ 0.75 LTR.

Hb Exports brings you a perky and stylish twin bowl set for your dog that will provide convenience to him during meal times. All dogs require enjoying their meals for proper growth and mental balance. Bring home this wonderful High Quality  Double Diner set for every dogs bring finish our meal beautifully your dogs . if you possess a pair of any pet or more than one pet, it is good to serve them food together to maintain their companionship. There are Double Diner bowls available, one for him and one for his crony. These diners are available in different colors and sizes that add to your home decor. You can easily remove the bowls and clean it for a hygienic feeding for your loved ones.