U-Type Elevated Adjustable Stand With Bowl

  • Two Dog Bowls Stainless Steel: U-Type Elevated Double Diner Bowl Set allows your dog or kitty to eat from a more natural standing position for their stature, accommodating pets of all sizes.
  • Promoting Healthy Splits – Standing upright while eating can be more beneficial to your pup’s stomach, easing digestive issues.
  • Proper Structure: Relieve Stress and Discomfort – The adjustable feeder can help reduce joint stress, especially for older dogs with limited mobility, by eliminating the need for less bending to reach the food dish.
  • FLOOR PROTECTION, LOW NOISE: The easy clean stainless steel bowls are secured to prevent tipping, ensuring minimal mess. The innovative feeder features an adjustable dish holder on a black metal base with rubber pads on the stand at the base to prevent spilling, slipping and skidding.
1 Qt 0.750 ltr. x 2 16 cm
2 Qt 1.750 ltr. x 2 20 cm
3 Qt 2.80 ltr. x 2 24 cm
5 Qt 4.00 ltr. x 2 28 cm
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HB Exports present the U-Type Elevated Double Diner Bowl Set is highly durable, rust-free in quality and easy to clean. Adjustable Height Double Dining Bowl Set Improves pet’s physique by eating in a natural standing position. The innovative design of this elevated dining system allows you to adjust the height of the bowl to three different levels. Two removable stainless steel bowls are secured to prevent tipping and ensure that food and water stay where it is, minimising mess.

The elevated feeder is also perfect for senior dogs. As it helps in relieving joint pain and discomfort by preventing the need to lean less on the floor to reach the dish.